AMS & Edify Energy first to deploy AI on solar farms

Edify Energy and AMS complete deployment of AI software on a 438 MWp portfolio of utility-scale solar farms in Queensland and Victoria, Australia.

Last week, Edify Energy completed the process of going live with AMS’ AI-backed trading platform across five operational solar farms that Edify manages and partly owns. This portfolio represents the first use of AIbased trading for utility-scale solar anywhere in the world. The trading enablement rollout at Edify began in October 2019 and now covers a portfolio totaling 438 MWp of installed capacity. The solar farms under Edify Energy’s management using AMS’ trading platform are Daydream (180 MWp), Hayman (60 MWp), Whitsunday (69 MWp), Hamilton (69 MWp) and Gannawarra (60 MWp).

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